Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we are frequently asked


Can I register as a driver and a customer with the same number?

Yes. Ólage allows you to use the same number to register as either a DRIVER and / or a CUSTOMER

As a Customer, how do I start using Ólage app?

Simply download the Ólage App from the Play store and sign up. Follow the steps and upload your details .Ready to use

How do I get on Ólage app as a Driver?

Simply download the Ólage App from the play store and sign up first hand with your Drivers License.

As a Loader, how do I start using Ólage app?

Simply download the Ólage loader App from the Play store. Follow the steps and upload your details .Ready to use

Ólage is developed and owned by which company?

Ólage app is owned and developed by Techgrata Ltd, a Nigerian company

Where is Techgrata Head Office located in Nigeria?

Dominion Plaza Igbo-Efon, lekki (level 1, Suite 2)

Who will track my goods should I loose track of the driver?

Ólage provides visibility between the driver and the customer. In the event of unforeseen glitch, our team of experts can track the driver and your goods from back end.

Can I access Ólage app anywhere in Nigeria?

Yes . Ólage app is accessible in Nigeria

What is the benefit of using Ólage to transport goods as a customer?

It is easier to get a truck to move your goods, prices are considerable and satisfaction is guaranteed

How can I make payment for my haulage trips on Ólage?

Payment for haulage trips is either by card or cash. Bank transfer is also acceptable

How safe is my card on the Ólage app?

Payment on Ólage is via a proven and secure payment gateway. Registered card information is safe and secured.

What is the benefit of using Ólage as a driver?

Ólage ensures that there is no idle moment. Goods most be moved and money must be made.

What type of vehicles can I find in Ólage?

You will find vehicle ranging from mini-trucks, flat-beds, petrol tanker, sewage tankers, water tankers, vans, cabs and dispatch bikes. These categories can also be registered on Ólage by a driver

How can I download Ólage app?

Ólage app is available on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore for easy download.

Are my goods safe with the use of Ólage app?

Yes. In addition to the real-time visibility of goods provided to our customers, we have put in place a robust and dedicated support system to ensure the safety of goods being hauled on Ólage app.

Can I communicate with the driver to know the location of my goods?

Yes. You can communicate with the driver from the start to the finish of the trip

Which party bears the liability in the event of an accident?

Both the truck owners , driver and Ólage itself will ensure that there will be no loss

Can I insert more than one destinations when making my request?

Yes, Once a Driver picks up a request from a customer ,  he can accept and pick items along his route. By so doing the price charged the first customer reduces by some percentage,  like wise if he picks another till he completes his trip. But this has to be a choice agreed upon by the customer. In other words if the customer prefers a premium straight trip he/her pays the full standard price for the trip.

Will there be a cancellation fee for a customer that cancels a trip after driver has gotten to pick-up point?

A cancellation fee may apply if the distance and duration to pick-up location, as well as any waiting time is significant.

How do the driver get the money, when customers pay with credit card?

Ólage reconcile accounts with drivers every week and reimbusrses accordingly

What documents are required for drivers to register on Ólage app?

Driver and vehicle license

I own many trucks, how can Ólage app help me?

We have developed specialized and friendly interface for fleet owners. Please contact us.

How are fares for trips determined on app?

Fares for haulage trips are largely determined based on distance and duration of the trips. Ólage always ensures a very competive pricing which is attractive to all stakeholders - customers, drivers etc

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