Making Haulage
process easy and

Who we are

We are a technology company that aggregate end-to-end haulage operations to help cargo owners, truck owners, drivers and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework. With only a click of a button on our seamless mobile and web application, cargo owners can simply request for any truck of their choice and have their goods picked up and delivered to the required location through our all-in-one robust logistics ecosystem.

Our Vision

As a technology driven company, we envisage making haulage system simplified with with our well built system - Olage, to ensure a hassle free process for our clients.

Be a Driver with a Smile

Africa is a place where a lot of delivery process happens, from cities, to towns even down to remote areas (Villages). With Olage we have created a simplified system that even one with little knowledge of tech can use easily. This puts a smile in all Drivers faces, giving them ease in handling haulage at any time.

Safety is assured

At Olage, we prioritize the safety and security of customer's goods irrespective of the size. Our in-built tracking system helps you track your goods in real-time while in transit till it gets to it's destination.

Our core values

At Olage, we hold at heart the following as our core values


With the help of our inbuilt tracking system, you see where your goods is in real time till it gets delivered.


We pride in delivering with professionalism. Our drivers are assessed trained and certified to operate within our defined standard.


Cargoes moved with Olage have Good-In-Transit Insurance cover to provide protection against a possible eventuality. With our experienced and seasoned truck drivers, we assure safe movement of goods across cities.

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